(Episode 17) Black Widow

My bones ache, I have been through so much stress today, both physically and emotionally. Nevertheless, I was determined to put up this episode today, and I did. This is an opportunity to thank all Tori Lovers, and all those who follow our series, patiently waiting for updates. I cherish you all. You da you …


Pre-order Ready For Fallen Angel

When Eno is forced into marriage with an older man, so as to alleviate poverty in her family, she thinks it is the worst thing that can happen to her. But what she finds in her husband's house is beyond her imagination. Fallen Angel, a heart rending tale of abuse, love and desperation, is sure …

(Bonus Episode) Behind Closed Doors: A Tale Of Love and War.

By February 14, 2018, we shall know what happened to Safiya and Becca.

Tori Stories

Safiya took a few things and moved out of the room she shared with her husband.

“What are you doing, Safi?” Bashir questioned.

“I am taking up another room, you can bring your mistress to live here with you” Safiya replied and left.

“Oh no” Bashir thought.

He had met his mother and she had promised to do something. He could not wait for her to raise her magic wand and fix all the mess he created.

Next on Safiya’s to-do list was to get Becca out of the way, so, she wrote her a sack letter.That day, as she sat to write, she thought back to what had happened to her, two days to her wedding and it dawned on her that Becca could be responsible.

“What if Zara was innocent. Oh God, what do I do now?” Safiya thought.

A knock on her door interrupted her thoughts. Basam…

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10 tips That Will Change the Way You Write.

This is still valid. In case you missed it…

Tori Stories

If you read my On Becoming, you would know that I have been writing since I was little. Writing is what pays the bills for me, in fact, at my current job, my sole duty is to write. I have come a long way from when I just wrote in my scrap book for my personal enjoyment, and over the years I have learned what worked, and tips that helped me become better.

Just starting out, you should have this in mind: there is no quick way to being a good writer, like every good thing, it takes time and processes. But these 10 tips can make things easier, and help you in your journey to discover your inner writer.


So quickly, here are 10 tips to improve your writing. These tips have helped me in my journey in becoming the best writer I can be. I discovered them…

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(Episode 16) Black Widow

“Simi” he called. The voice intruded through the cocoon which, Simi had wrapped herself in. It took her to the past, and she searched around in her memories, for where she had heard the voice. Without knowing who the voice belonged to, it brought back painful memories of when she was raped. Raising herself up, …

10 Bitter Truths About Modern Relationships That Will Change You Forever.

They say life is the greatest teacher, and I totally agree. Life has a way of answering questions you didn’t even ask. In my adult life, I have received heartbreaks and I have given heartbreaks, and in these sequences, I have gleaned these bitter truths that have changed the way I approach relationships forever. Coming …