(Episode 5) Memoirs of a Lagos Runs Girl

“Yes, I agree. What life have I got to live? I have lost every thing, I am just empty. So God is not going to be bothered about what I do now with the worthless life because he has no use for an empty person like me” I said with gloom, trying hard not to allow the tears fall from my eyes.

“You made the right choice. Now, we are going to fly to Lagos because I want more work to be done on you, and of course you will be based there for a while because that is where your clients are” Inyene instructed.

The next day we boarded a plane and flew to Lagos. It was the very first time I was in an aircraft, I was amazed by the sights. I convinced myself that things could only get better from here, and relaxed into the aircraft’s upholstery.

Lagos was everything and more than I expected. I was enthralled by the bridges,I kept looking at them from the cab’s window, even the road network a d the general aesthetics of the city was appealing. Uyo seemed so far away, so did my problems, or the hard life I lived before. Lagos was like a land of freedom, where I could be anything I wanted.  Lagos was like another country, the people I saw seemed different from the ones I had known all my life. They walked so fast, like they were pursuing something. Inyene told me they are pursuing money, that is why they walk so fast. The black striped buses, which I had only seen in movies before, was before my eyes. I felt like flying out of the car and spreading my wings. I loved Lagos immediately, and cowed never to go back. So regardless of what Inyene had in mind, I had made up my own mind.

We were welcomed at one of Inyene’s friend’s house, where we rested and had food to eat. But the way Inyene was whispering to her friend and looking in my direction, made me uncomfortable.

“What were they saying about me?” I wondered. I asked myself if I really knew Inyene. What if she was one of those ritualists, and I had just followed her all the way from Uyo to Lagos. This was the point where perhaps, I would have made a U-turn and avoided the hand I was dealt now, but I stayed, convincing myself that Inyene really wanted my good.


However, Inyene kept to her word, and took me to spas where I got massaged, three times a week. I was also taken to a beauty parlour where I thought I was probably going to get my hair made and all that. But I was shocked when we went into an inner room and I saw a male doctor wearing a blue theatre garb.
“Uhm, why are we seeing a doctor?” I asked.
“Just be calm” Inyene replied impatiently.
“Alright I will examine and tell you what we will do” the doctor said as his eyes roamed all over my body. Inyene left the room and the doctor directed me to a high bed.
“What are you going to do to me?” I asked.
“Just to examine you, didn’t your friend tell you about the procedure?” He said and licked his lips. I was told to undress and I did, and then I laid down on the high bed and watched the doctor’s eyes grow large at my nude body.

He walked towards me and began to draw white lines around my breasts, afterward, he turned me and drew same lines around my butt. After which, he wrote in his pad, but that was not the end. The doctor with eyes that had gone husky like a man on heat, told me to turn around and I did. It was then I noticed the bulge in his trousers. The doctor was having a hard on, right before my eyes.
“You are so tempting, I wonder what you will be after I have done my work with you” he said and began to fondle my breasts. At first, I struggled against him, but when his fingers found my honeypot, there was no more fight in me. I began to purr like a kitten, as his fingers worked my honeypot. When he saw I was much into it as he was, he pulled down his trousers, and exposed his big, veined rod. He told me to climb down from the bed and put my hands on the bed. I don’t want to give you the explicit details, but be sure my people, that I got a good wank.
“Why do you look so satisfied?” Inyene asked when I came out of the inner room. There is this glow that comes with a good sex, you just literally glow. But I was not going to tell Inyene anything. The doctor made unnecessary appointments, and every time, he gave me a good dose of sex, up until the day I was going under his knife.

Yes, Inyene had paid for a butt, hip and boob procedure. I was to be given bigger boobs, hips and butts. After the procedure, I was sore for weeks, but after the period of suffering was over, I was a new born. Even my husband, would not have recognized me. I was very curvy and even me, felt horny just staring at my naked self in the mirror.
My boobs were bigger and rounder. They stood up in anthem and their taut nipples pointed to the sky. After that procedure, I didn’t have need for a bra. I became like Tboss of Big Brother Naija, because I wore my dresses with my nipples pushing against the fabric of my clothes.

images (1)
With all the massage I have been giving, my body was softer to the touch, I was a new woman, but my desire for the doctor didn’t stop. One day, Inyene had gone out with her friend, and with the phone she had gotten me, I called the doctor. We did it right there in the room which I shared with Inyene. While caught up in the throes of passion, I didn’t hear the car engine and so I didn’t know Inyene and her friend were back.

“You are the real Calabar babe, I can’t seem to get enough of you” the doctor said just as Inyene opened the door and walked in on us.
“Jesus, Eno. What is this… Who is this?” She said as we separated from each other and scampered for our clothes.
“Doctor, so it is you. I brought a patient for you and you began to sleep with her? Now, you will have to pay, 200k, or else I will charge you for rape” Inyene said. The doctor was dumbfounded, he wanted to resist, but there was not much he could do. His life and reputation was at stake.
“Inyene, this is not right” I said. Perhaps I had fallen in love with the doctor, or maybe it is just that, the sex has made my brain all mushy.
“Shut up your mouth, you little slut. Is this how you will be doing oshofree? I will send you back to Uyo, and straight to your beast of a husband’s house, if you don’t shut up and let me handle this” she flung at me.
The doctor brought out his check book, and wrote Inyene, a sum of 200k naira.
“Good work, Eno. Now this will get you a few good clothes” Inyene said laughing. I was surprised at the sudden change of character, I thought she was angry, but here she was was , laughing. It dawned on me that she was not angry at all, she had only blackmailed the doctor out of good money.

I thought getting a new wardrobe and changing my look was all there was to this profession. But no, Inyene enrolled me in an etiquette class in Ikoyi, where I was taught how to hold a glass of wine, how to sit with my back straight and my legs crossed slightly at the knees. I was also taught how to walk without slouching, with my shoulders spread, back straight and butt out. I learned table etiquettes too, and how to eat with cutlery.

It didn’t end there, Inyene also enrolled me in a French class, where I learned basic French. She also made me binge watch British movies so I could learn the accent, and I did. Remember, I told you, I am not a dull person. I am smart, and it took me just 2 months to transform my self into a bilingual, sophisticated girl, with a British accent.

I must say, that the brand of prostituiton that I and Inyene did, was on a class of its own. We didn’t stand on the road like those cheap call girls. We were classy, we dressed in expensive designer wears, and only dined in top class restaurants and bars. This was one of the places we picked up our clients. We would go to top class bars, where the rich gather to play, and act like we were daughters of rich men. We never went home without one or two cards of influential men.

My favorite place was the muson centre where we went for art exhibitions because, this was where the old money lived. They came with their pot bellies, but sometimes, I met one or two young money. This men were never aware that I was a runs girl, I looked aristocratic to them, with the elegant way I walked and how I carried myself. I didn’t offer them sex on the go, I made it look like they were the ones hunting me, instead of me hunting them.
“I don’t need your money” was my mantra, and they would reply,
“I know, but I want to give you, because a beautiful girl like you, deserves all of my money”

You see, this men were satisfied with just having me around them, like a trophy, telling their friends that,
“Yea, as old as I am, I can still get a chick like this”
Their friends would become green with envy, and sometimes would apprach me when the men I came with, were not there. I learned that, unlike street prostitutes, runs girls like me, had to be loyal, to convince everyone especially the men we are hunting, that we truly care about them.

One day, I met a man named Danladi. He was in his fifties, but you how they say, men age like fine wine. Danladi was a perfect embodiment of that statement. He was tall, like the proud Fulani that he was. He had a lean stature which he maintained with hours spent in the gym, and he wore a shaved head with a carve chin beard, speckled with white. If there was ever a beautiful man, Danladi was.

Danladi was different from the other men that I had met, in that, he didn’t want me as a trophy. But he wanted me because he really loved me and wanted me for himself. Danladi fell in love with me at first sight, when we met at the Ikoyi Rotary club where I had registered, to hunt for old and rich men. But he would be the cause of a big tragedy in my life.


Find out the tragedy in my next episode. I remain that badt Calabar Babe, you know you love me. Show your love by commenting below or else I will not tell you what happened next.




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