(Episode 8) Witch Town

The morning light sneaked into her room through a slit in the brocade curtains, and danced on her sleepy face. Aria stretched languidly like a Cheshire cat, as she saw the rays of dawn liven her room. She jumped out of bed and flung the curtains wide open, to allow the full flare of the sun. She felt alive, rejuvenated and reborn. Just beneath her skin, she felt the humming of her powers.
“I am Aria, and I am Fabulous” she purred.

While Aria woke up strong even though she had slept only a few hours, April woke up with a banging headache. When she dragged herself to the bathroom, to shower, she heard Aria singing loudly. It only made her feel grumpier.
The girls came down to breakfast. While Aria was dressed in a long sleeved cashmere gown, and a pair of studded boots, April was decked in a palazzo pant and a lace shirt tucked in.
” My granddaughters, you both look amazing” Rosarita, their grandmother, kissed each girl on the cheek.
After Mrs. Webber had driven the girls to school, Rosarita and her daughter, Calisse, stood on the porch and took in the beautiful scenery of the surburb.
“This place is a mix of the city and suburbia, a little quiet and a little bustle” Calisse said inhaling the air. But suddenly, the air became pungent, and both women snapped into alert. Just then, a black sedan crawled to a stop on the other side of the narrow street. The driver was a black girl, Estelle, she watched the house and when she saw the women, she drove off speedily.
“She is a witch, a bad one” Calisse said
“Yes, and she knows about Aria. She is young, probably goes to school with the girls. But I doubt that she is on her own, that black bird that attacked us yesterday was an old witch” Rosarita said gravely.
“When is the council meeting?” Calisse asked.
“In a fortnight” she replied,  “We must trust Aria, but still, she needs our help. Calisse, you can go back to Tampa, I will stay with the girls”
“No mother, I want to stay, but I will get a house nearby”
“A house! But this mansion is big enough to accommodate more” grandmother Rosarita protested.
“My sister will be back soon, and you know how we cannot stand each other, I should get a house” Calisse insisted.
“You passed your strife to Aria and April. But I am afraid that, theirs will not be as lighthearted”
“We will guide them, and the Mother will help us” Calisse said, wondering if she was right.


In Silver Lake High, Aria and Zack had most classes together even though they were grades apart. Zack never let his eyes drift from Aria, and this annoyed the senior girls. They eyed Aria, to show their displeasure. Why would he be so besotted with a girl that was not even in his grade, what happened to them, weren’t they prettier than Aria? They wondered.
When it was time for lunch, Zack picked up Aria’s bag and led her out, to the cafeteria. When they walked through the hallway, they did not notice Estelle lurking in the shadows, and so, did not see her, taking pictures of them. When they arrived at the cafeteria, the other witch sisters were not there yet, so Zack went ahead and ordered lunch for them both.
“Wow Aria, I love your outfit” Chloe said and plopped on the seat beside Aria.
“Yes it is chic” Adrianne cooed, and Merry nodded her approval.
“What do you say girls, let’s go shopping after school” Aria said gaily. She was beginning to bond with the girls, they made her miss her friends back at Hollywood, a lot less.
“We are not some plastic girls, we are not friends so we can have fun. We are witches, the fate of Silver Lake lies on our shoulders” Zena interjected.
“Zena, live life a little. Leave the fate of this town, to the elders. You are only 17”
“I will be 18 soon, and I will not have to deal with you girls anymore” Zena grunted.
“Zena may not be completely right, but shopping is inconsequential right now” Adrianne put in.
“Did you find your witch book?” Zena demanded, fixing Aria a glare.
Yes I did. My gran and aunt helped out, we practised all night” Aria replied and brought out the witch book from her bag.
“Wow” Chloe breathed out.
“Also, a black bird dos something to my gran. Even their plane had crashed” Aria narrated.
There was silence among them as they thought of what Aria had said.
“My mother always said, that she wished our charma would not come. She said, a coven of black witches always knew when there was a charma. They would fight us until there is no one left” Adrianne said soberly, breaking the silence.
“Your mother is not a reputable witch, so I cannot take her word for it” Zena retorted, offhandedly.
“That is a very rude thing to say about someone’s mother” Aria quipped, with a frown creasing her brow.
“Your mother, was a black witch, remember?” Adrianne sneered.
Zena bristled as she was reminded of her history. Her late mother was a black witch and had died in an encounter with good witches. She would have been a black witch if her aunt had not rescued her before her mother’s coven got to her. There were people who still believed that, she had a taint of blackness in her.
At that moment, Zack came with a tray of food and the girls asked him to order for them too.
“You know what sisters, just go ahead and  order for yourselves. I and Zack, are going to eat elsewhere” she said and made to leave but Chloe asked, “Are we not going shopping?”
“We are, whether Zena likes it or not”
All these was seen by Estelle, who was watching them, as she chewed her food.
“Do you want to sit with them?” April asked, angry at Estelle’s attention on Aria and her friends.
“Of course not. Tell me about your family” Estelle said flashing April a toothy smile.
“Not much about me. My parents are movie people, we lived in Hollywood, before coming down here. I and my sister are the only children of my parents, and if I do not work all my life, I will still be rich” April replied, twirling her hair.
“Gross” Estelle grunted under her breath.
“Say what” April asked, not sure what she had heard.
“I said, I will like to be invited to your house. That is what friends do”
“Cool” April replied, excited.


Meanwhile, the star crossed lovers Aria and Zack were seated on the window will of a large empty hall. Zack didn’t eat, but watched Aria devour her Burger hungrily. Then she wasn’t using her hand to take the burger to her mouth, she was using her eyes to lift the burger from the plate and direct it to her mouth.
“Wow, you learn fast. Did your gran teach you that?”
” How do you know about my gran?” Aria asked
“I saw her when I passed by your house” Zack replied.
“Well I stayed up all night learning as much as I could. I also learned of your soulmate Ariana” Aria said and faced him fully. She saw his eye flicker gold, and his face become sad.
“I also heard that, I am the incarnate of your Ariana”
“Who told you all these?”
“My gran did”
“Then you know I have lived for more than six hundred years?”
“Yes, it it doesn’t freak me out because, guess what, I am a freak too” Aria said non-chalantly.
“Then…” Zack began.
“Then what. I do not believe in soulmates because I want my freedom to do as I choose and love whoever I want” Aria interjected.
“Alright. I just want to be your friend forever” Zack said and smashed his lips on Aria’s.


Aria’s eyes widened as she didn’t expect the kiss, but she closed her eyes and savored the kiss.
“Wow, that is a good kiss” Aria pulled away, but saw Zack’s eyes were fixed on somewhere behind her. She turned and saw April and Estelle.
“April?” Aria questioned. But April walked away, with Estelle on her heels.
“I kissed you to stop you from saying another thing” Zack said and pulled her off the window will. On their way back, Chloe met them and informed Aria that their circle would be bond the next day.
After school, April took Estelle to the mansion. Reaching there, Estelle got out of the car and walked slowly behind April. She walked with tentative steps, and looked all around her. However, April for into the house, and when Estelle tried to go in, a strong force flung her back.
“Wow, protection spell” Estelle mused.
“Estelle, why are you standing by the door, come in” April said impatiently. She was in a hurry to show off the mansion.
Just then, Rosarita came down the stairs. She had seen the black sedan stop in front of the mansion, and had seen April come out of it. She had bee. Suspicious and had come out to see it was the same black girl.
“April, who is your friend?” She asked, peering at Estelle, who stood still glaring at Rosarita. She chanted a spell to break the protection around the house, and that made her nose bleed.
“Your nose!” April exclaimed
“Oh I am sick, I have to go” she murmured and hurried away into her car.
“Your friend is weird”Mrs.Webber said.
” Then you jabent met Aria’s friends, no, you have, but they don’t look weird to you because you Ade weird yourself” April blabbered, and rushed up the stairs.


As soon as April was out of sight, Rosarita turned to Mrs.Webber with anger in her eyes.
“That girl was trying to break the protection spell, she came with April for a purpose”
“They are scouting us out, we should do same tomorrow, while the girls are at school” Mrs. Webber said thoughtfully.

So Aria and her witch sisters are going to bond their circle, will they be successful or will the black witches pay them a visit? What is the fate of the star crossed lovers, will their love survive this time in history, or will the past repeat itself?



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