(Episode 7) Witch Town

“Grandma” Aria screamed on top of her lungs. She pulled and dragged her grandmother out of the water and laid her head on the napkin at the head of the tub. By this time her screams had brought the other occupants of the house. Calisse rushed to hold her mother’s hand.
“Mother, what happened to you?” She asked rhetorically.
Mrs.Webber looked grim as she took in the scene. She turned to April, and persuaded her to leave the room. April insisted on staying, and Mrs. Webber pushed her out of the room, and locked the door.
“We have to help her. Aria, you need your grandma, and the dark witches know this” Mrs. Webber said morosely.
“This is the work of a dark witch?” Aria inquired, even as she remembered the black bird that flew out of the room when she came in.
“Yes, and it is in you to help her. Calisse, help me, let’s carry your mother to the bedroom” Mrs.Webber said sternly. She looked unmoved, but really, she was afraid.
Most mature witches had been at war with dark witches at one point in their lives, and the experience always brought chills to their bodies. Rosarita had her scar on her cheek, while she had hers on her chest, between her two breasts. Mrs. Webber was certain that the dark witches had come because of Aria.
“I don’t know what to do” Aria said, with confusion in her eyes, and a tears streaked face.
“It is too late to summon the witches in this town, so its just us three”Mrs.Webber said.

Aria remembered all that the witch sisters had taught her, so, she raised her hands as high as her head, and closed her eyes. She began to chant softly, and the room became charged with energy.
“Hail Guardians of the East,
I summon the powers of Air!
Windswept meadow,
Breath of life,
Fantastic torrent removing strife,
With Clarity, the power to Know,
We invoke you!
By the air that is Her breath,
Be with us now!”
Then she turned to another direction and continued chanting,


“Hail Guardians of the South,I

summon the powers of Fire!

Blazing flame,
Crackling fire,
The quickened pulse of heart’s desire,
With Energy, the power of Will,
We invoke you!
By the fire that is Her spirit,
Be with us now!”


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Turning to another direction, she began chanting again, calling water,
“Hail Guardians of the West,
I summon the powers of Water!
Rushing stream,
Vast, dark ocean,
Poetry of the soul in motion,
With Intuition, feeling, the power to Dare,
We invoke you!
By the Waters of Her womb,
Be with us now”

Mrs.Webber and Calisse began to dance around Aria, as she turned to the north and summoned Earth,
“Hail Guardians of the North,
We summon the powers of Earth!
Cave of darkness,
Standing stone,
the celebration of flesh and bone,
With Stillness, the power of silence,
We invoke you!
By the Earth that is Her body,
Be with us now!”

Aria could smell the elements and knew that they had heeded her call.
“Together with me, heal this daughter of the Creator, let her live and cleanse this room of evil aura” she said in a lilt voice filled with power. Then she broke into a song in an old language. Aria didn’t know how she was singing the song, or how she had learned it. She just sang, opening herself and touching the center of her powers.
“I hear my granddaughter” Rosarita coughed and rose up slowly from the bed. Aria sent back the elements she had called, before turning to embrace her grandmother.
“You scared me granny” She felt a tear drop from her eye.
“You have learned alot, but there is more to learn, if we want to win this war that is looming. I will teach you, how to bound your circle, and how to call the witch book to you. Your aunt Calisse will teach you about potions, she didn’t learn herbology for nothing”

Throughout dinner, April watched her aunt and grandmother quizzically. She looked from one to the other and then to her sister Aria. They were all acting like nothing had happened.
“Gran, I saw you lying in the bathwater, but no one called the hospital, yet, here you are” April quizzed.
“Oh dear, I fainted while bathing, but your chaperone is a good first aider, your mother chose her well. You should not be worried pumpkin” Rosarota replied her inquisitive granddaughter.
“Really, then why was Aria allowed in the room, while I was not?” April continued.
“Because I am elder, you are just a baby” Aria replied without looking up. April would have given a not-so-nice rebuttal, but, grandmother Rosarita arrested the situation.

Soon, April was dozing at the table, a sleep potion had been dropped in her night tea. Mrs.Webber led her up to her room, and she collapsed on her bed the moment she was in the room. That night, Aria did not sleep as she stayed up learning all she could with her grandmother and her aunt. When it was time to summon the book, Aria did, and it whizzed through the air and landed in her lap. It was a voluminous, black and old book, with brown pages. All through the night, Aria learned, while Mrs.Webber replenished them with coffee and biscuits.
Aria tried out a spell and turned her coffee into rich, black, chocolate. Rosarita was so pleased that she engulfed her granddaughter in a bear hug.
“It couldn’t have been anyone but you, Aria. You are beautiful, intelligent and with a good heart, a perfect embodiment of good witches. While we do not practice for personal gains, the Mother makes our ways prosperous. You will enjoy being a witch”
“Not when the dark witches are loitering about” Aria retorted.

“I hear you and your sister are fighting over a Vampire boy” Calisse said. She had been quiet since they broke from lessons. Grandmother Rosarita wiped her head to stare at Calisse with wide eyes.
“Zack is a vampire?” Aria asked, though she was not too surprised. There was something off about him, and he had been telling her things that were weird. Now she knew.
“His name is Zack?” Rosarita fired back.
“Yes grandmother, but he is not my boyfriend, just a friend. He helped me come to terms with my powers” Aria replied.
“There is only one vampire named Zack, and he caused the death of Ariana, the Mother’s beloved Charma. He loved her, and caused jealous between her and her sister Avril. I think you are the reincarnate” Rosarita said thoughtfully.
“If this is so, then it means you are Zack’s soulmate” Calisse added.
“You should stay away from him, I don’t want history to repeat itself. I cannot lose you Aria” Rosarita said intensely.
“Gran, I don’t believe in soulmates. I am free to choose my path and the one I will love” Aria replied.
“It is almost dawn and you have school. The witch book will be in your school bag, it is up to you to protect it” Rosarita said and kissed her granddaughter.

In another side of town, in a gray mansion, a woman clenched her fist and gnashed her teeth. Beside her was an ebony girl having the same appearance as Estelle. They both stared out the window into space.
“We failed. She is alive and the granddaughter is fully into her powers. If we will take this town, we must go to war, but we must prepare and be very subtle. Estelle, I think you befriend April” the woman said and flipped her long black hair.

“When will I avenge my mother’s death?” Estelle asked.

“Patience niece, you will have your day. Patience” the woman replied and drew a line down her face with her claw-like fingernails.


So Aria has got the Witch Book. Will she able to stop the dark witches, or will her circle be wiped out like that of her grandmother’s.

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