(Episode 6) Witch Town

Aria had one task in mind, and that was to find the witch book. If she didn’t, there was hell to pay. But Aria didn’t know where to start from, her mother was obviously not a witch. She had a frown as she prepared for school because she had no answers for her witch sisters.

Just then, her phone rang, she turned and saw that it was her mother calling. She was elated about this, as she had missed her parents greatly.
“Hello mom” she said excitedly.
“Hello my darling, how are you and your sister. What about your new school, do you like it?” Her mother said in a bubbly voice.
“We are fine, mom and our school is just great. I have made great friends too, but this town is weird” Aria replied, and it caused her mother to erupt into laughter.
“Weird, you don’t say. Here is what’s weird, your granny and aunt Calisse, are coming to visit you girls. They should be home by the time you are back from school” her mother announced.
“Wow mom, I am so excited. I haven’t seen gran in like forever. However, when are you guys coming home, we need our parents”
“Soon baby, very soon. Talk later sweetheart, kiss your sister for me” her mother said and hung up.
Aria left her makeup unfinished and raced to her sister’s bedroom. April was dressing up when her sister, Aria entered and plopped a big kiss on her cheek.
“What’s that for?” April grumbled.
“Mom said to kiss you for her. By the way, gran is coming today, with aunt Calisse”
“Are you for real, oh my God” April exclaimed excitedly. The girls jumped up and down on April’s bed in excitement, until Mrs. Webber came and told them they were going to be late for school. Aria looked at her sister with longing eyes, there was rare moments like this, that April’s sweet nature came out, and she cherished those moments, because they were very rare.
When their chaperone pulled up at the school gate, Zack was leaning by his red car, and standing beside him was Chloe. Aria hurriedly told Mrs. Webber goodbye and rushed towards the pair, with April on her heels.
” Chloe, we need to talk” Aria pulled Chloe by the hand,but stopped when she saw April behind her.
“April?” Aria arched her brow in puzzlement.
“I am waiting for you” April replied
“I am trying to talk to Chloe, I will catch up with you later”
“I can tag along” April insisted.
Zack waded into the situation and pulled April by the hand. Her eyes glazed over as her nostrils smelled the masculine scent of his cologne. His eyes bored into her, and she turned potty in his hands.
“Come on April, let’s walk in together. Leave the girls to their gossip” he said. April smiled widely and went away with Zack, she didn’t even give her sister a backward glance.

When they had gone, Chloe asked Aria what was so urgent that she couldn’t wait for the others.
“My granny is coming to town. If there is anyone to ask about the witch book, it is her. She is weird, so I suspect I inherited the powers from her”
“That is great news! We need to bind our circle. I think the Mother sent you to Silver Lake at the exact time that your destiny was to be fulfilled. The longer we stay unbound, the more risk we are exposed to. There are those who hunt people like us, they are either witch hunters or black witches” Chloe said.
“That’s scary, we are just teenagers” Aria replied with wide eyes.
“Don’t be scared, you have us, and your powers. You are greater than you know” Chloe said with a smile. Aria noticed that when Chloe smiled, it reached her eyes, unlike Zena. Chloe had a good soul.
“I like you” Aria said
“Me too, you are way cool”
The girls held hands and walked into the school together. They were however, unaware of Estelle walking a few paces behind them. Estelle took out her phone and made a call, speaking in hushed tones all the way to class.


Rosarita, Aria’s grandmother was a powerful witch too. She was the charma of her circle, but her circle had been destroyed, when one turned a black witch and waged war with the rest. Rosarita had escaped with a long thin scar by the side of her cheek. She wore her scar proudly because she showed other witches that she was not one to be trifled with.

Despite having so much powers, Rosarita looked like an everyday grandmother with wispy gray hair pulled into a bun, and laugh lines around her eyes.
The Mother had informed Rosarita that her granddaughter needed her, and it had surprised her that any of her younger daughter’s children had the gift because, Marionette her daughter had missed it. Her elder daughter, Calisse, however had the gift, but had shunned men, so there was no way for her to reproduce. Marionette, Aria’s mother knew about the gift, but was glad she did not have it because she did not want to be different, or a freak as she liked to call witches.
While Marionette had refused the lifestyle her mother lived, running away from home at 10 to live with her paternal grandparents in California, Calisse had embraced the lifestyle, remaining in Tampa with her mother. Now they were flying to Silver Lake, to help Marionette’s daughter.
“Mother, fasten your seat belt, the plane is about to land” Calisse said, intruding into her mother’s thoughts. However, when they could already see the town below, the plane began to shake vigorously. Rosarita held her daughter’s hand as they made silent incantations.
“Mother, a force is repelling us” Calisse said alarmed.
“Dark magic” Rosarita stated, “protection spell” she commanded and they began to chant.


The pilot lost control of the plane and it landed on its own in the street before the airport. The rear bursted into flame, and impaled three cars parked close by.
The two witches crawled on their bellies out of the plane, as the other passengers nursed their injuries and scampered out of the flaming aircraft. The witches continued chanting even as they boarded a taxi which would take them to the little town.

April and Aria got home from school a d were greeted to the smell of cooking food. They walked towards the kitchen to the familiar scent of their grandmother’s bread rolls and potatoes soup, and sitting on the stool around the kitchen table was their aunt Calisse.
“Aunt!” Aria exclaimed and rushed to hug her. As their bodies collided, their powers came to a lock, and the two women were flung far apart across the room, breaking the glass wares on the kitchen table.
“Huh” April exclaimed in surprise.
“Huh, that was quite a push” Calisse joked, as she dusted off her butt.
“Sorry aunt Calisse, I have missed you. Where is gran?”

Later the girls sat around the table with their aunt, feasting on the different meals their grandmother had cooked,but still their grandmother had not come down the stairs.
“How is your new school?” Calisse asked
“It is cool, I have made great friends”Aria replied
“You call those freaks, friends?” April asked incredulously.
“Don’t call my friends, freaks. If there is any freak, it is you. Do you know how you look ogling Zack?” Aria asked, her face was a mask of fury.
“I hate you!” April sneered.
“Right back at you”
“Girls” Mrs.Webber tried to restore calm. She exchanged looks with Calisse and the other nodded her head.
“I have lost my appetite” Aria said and matched up the stairs.
“Me too” April matched after her sister, both going their separate ways.
” I think April is going to be a problem for our Aria” Mrs.Webber said, when the girls had gone.
“My mother has to do something about this. What I saw in April’s eyes was scary” Calisse whispered, with fear in her eyes.

Aria decided to go see grandmother, she was wondering why she had not come down to join them. When she opened the door, she saw a black bird fly away out the window, but her grandmother was nowhere to be found. She rushed to the bathroom and there in the tub, was her grandmother, drowning in her own bath water.

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