(Episode 1) Witch Town

In Silver lake, a town in the South of California, mystic beings prevailed, but the witches owned the town. The town was a rich suburb characterized by town houses, cottages and Victorian styled houses. Everyone knew everyone in this town; they were all descendants of old families, new families left after a few months, they could not thrive in the competitive town. Only one family came and stayed, the D’Arcys.

Aria and April were the only children of Jamie and Marionette D’Arcy, their parents were Hollywood people and they lived Hollywood since birth. But Jamie was always on the road with his wife, he was a director, while she was a renowned actress. So he sought a quiet town where they could be safe, and under a chaperon, while he traveled the world with his wife. He found Silver Lake in Riverside County.

The two girls were just a year apart, but looked and acted differently. While Aria was the petite one, with all the curves in the right places, April was chubby. Where Aria was confident, outgoing and sassy, April was extremely introverted .Aria looked like her mother with very fair skin, and blond hair, whereas, April was like her dad with a darker skin, and rich black hair.

Aria woke up to the sound of Mrs. Webber calling them downstairs for breakfast, she tried to get out of bed, but she felt a pang in her head like there one thousand soldiers having a parade in her head.
“Oh my, I am coming down with a fever, on my first day in a new school” she grimaced feeling her body temperature. At that moment, April walked into her room, already dressed for school, in a pair of denim trousers and a white long sleeved shirt.
“You are still in bed? We are going to be late on our first day” she asked aghast. Aria held her head as her headache became worse with April’s hysterics.
“Are you ok?” April went closer to feel her body, her sister was burning hot. A frown came over her face as she thought that Aria may not go to school with her, she would walk a new hallway alone.
“Grrreat” she grunted in exasperation as she stormed out of the room. Aria went into her bathroom, she ran the water a bit cool and dipped inside. While in the tub, she dozed off. It was like a dream, she saw a woman in white, she had a platinum blond hair that fell to her waist, it shone in the sun and her face was almost translucent.
“My daughter, fate has brought you to where you truly belong, you are the last of your kind, the strongest. The magic of the Mothers before you, is in your blood. Preserve the goodness of witches and you shall prosper” the strange woman said to her.

Mrs. Webber, the chaperon employed by Jamie, drove April only to school. All the way to school, April cursed her sister for making her take the hallway walk alone. As she stepped out of the car, she bade her chaperon goodbye and walked tentatively towards the school. For a town school, it had a beautiful architectural design, although built conservatively; it looked like a picture from a book. The hallways were wide and lavishly decorated with ivory statues, expensive art works and wreaths. As April walked in through the big mahogany door, the students all stopped what they were doing to look at her. Everyone knew she was new and they chuckled at her. They told themselves she would not be the first new student who left after a few months. April kept her eyes, trying her best not to squirm, because of her weight; she was always self conscious when people starred at her. She had worn the denim trousers to slim her body, she did not want to be known as “April fat” as she had been called in her former school, Hollywood High. She reached the administrative block and breathed a sigh of relief.
“Aren’t they a tad rude in this school, oh well, better behaved than Hollywood High” she scowled when she remembered all she faced in the hands of her schoolmates at Hollywood High.
Aria, back at home, woke up sicker than before, she realized she was still I the tub, and her body temperature had heated the water up. She toweled off and went to lie in bed, with the heavy brocade duvet burying her.

During lunch break, April got to the cafeteria when most students had arrived. She went straight to get her food and sat at an empty table, alone. She looked round the cafeteria and saw that, just like in Hollywood High, there was a caste system in place. She saw a table where her sister would fit right in, the girls had glossy hairs like models on Vogue, and trimmed bodies like they spent all their days in the gym. The boys sitting with them were jocks, with trendy hairstyles and muscular bodies. At another table were the nerds, these were the geeks who won math competitions back to back and represented their schools even on the national stage. The girls in this group spotted spectacles, while the boys had overgrown hairs. Then there were the Goths, these were the vampire lovers, they dressed in black, had weird piercings and bizarre hairdo. April saw herself as a free agent, she did not have a stereotype, or maybe she was thinking of her sister. Aria was beautiful, a cheerleader, but she was almost a genius.


April always wondered what time Aria had to read and be so brilliant, because she was always on the internet buying the latest fashion. She was so lost in her thought she did not notice when a boy came to stand behind her chair.
“Hello new girl” April turned and saw the most handsome boy she ever saw. He was tall, lean body with some appearance of muscles, and he was very pale. His black hair was slicked backward and his Adam apple bobbed up and down.
“Hi” she replied, wetting her lips which had suddenly become dry.
“I am Zack, you are April, nice to meet you” he sat down at her table.
“How do you know my name” she asked, in a small voice.
“It is a small school, I would have invited you to our table, but my friends are not very receptive to sophomores. I guess I will see you around” he stood up and left. April looked at his receding figure, until he sat down at the table for beautiful girls and handsome guys. The occupants of the table turned to look at her quizzically, and then returned to their foods like she was not important.

In her next class, Zack was there, he smiled at her all through. It was an Art course, and she shone in it, painted a good Davinci imitation. Art was something she did better than Aria because, she had always been an artsy person, unlike her elder sister.  She could have done better though, in today’s class, but she was all pink from blushing so much, because Zack never took his eyes off her.

When the school bell rung, for end of lessons, Zack walked to her seat and took her bag, then he offered to drive her home. While they drove home, April could not breathe well, from holding her breath. She had never had the attention of someone as magnificent, as Zack. They got to her house, and Zack opened the door for her, like a perfect gentleman.
“See you tomorrow” he told her as they stood before the white, stucco walled mansion which was April’s home. April turned to the house and saw Mrs. Webber, eyeing her from the porch, so she hurriedly bade Zack goodbye and hurried towards the front door. She had gone inside and didn’t see Mrs. Webber nod reverently at Zack.

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