About Marriages and Divorce: When is it All Right to Quit?

I have been thinking long and hard... Let us be clear about one thing; I am not trying to dole out any advice on marriage, neither am I advocating for divorce. I am just unburdening my heart and sharing the musings in my head. I have been thinking all day. I woke up a bit …


#WeekendCoffeeShare: If We were Having Coffee

Hello Tori Lovers, How was your week? Mine was filled with highs and lows, and if we were having coffee, I would be telling you all about it. How do you like your coffee? I like mine with lots of cream, Le boo likes his, black. If we were having coffee, we would be wearing …

(Episode 5) Witch Town

Aria was in class one day, listening attentively to the bald, Calculus teacher, when she felt a bolt of electricity zap through her. Since she came to Silver Lake, a lot of strange things were happening to her, but aside that, she was more tuned to people's aura. Immediately, she felt that bolt of electricity, …

Life Through Stories

Lisa Stowe - The Story River Blog

My first dad died when I was almost four. I have a few clear memories of him.

Lisa, Frank, and Lucy

For a while, only one side of him worked with the help of a leg brace. And then neither side did.

Holly and dad 2 The youngest sibling, when one side still worked. The leg brace isn’t visible but the tumor that killed him is just starting to bulge on the side of his head.

The curve of the wheelchair when I’d sit on his lap as he wheeled me back to bed. I’d sneak out to watch television. If dad found me, I’d get that ride in the wheelchair. Plus, he’d sit by the bed and tell me stories until I fell asleep. Mom would just haul me back with no stories. I understand now. He knew his time with us kids was limited, months if he was lucky. Mom was overwhelmed. Three little kids, a…

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Teaching My Kids to Survive in ‘Merica

Not an Autism Mom

My two oldest boys took a trip to Texas this summer. It was their second time flying to Grandma’s without an adult. Last year (their first time) I was nervous… but it was a good nervous. It was a ‘my babies are growing up’ kind of nervous.djty5

We talked about wearing their seat belts and using their manners. I made sure they had everyone’s phone numbers just in case they got lost playing in Grandma’s neighborhood. I did the usual ‘mom run-down.’

But this year we had a much different conversation… a more serious conversation.

We talked about how to stay safe around police officers, even if they were only asking for help. I taught them how to hold their hands palms up and to the side, and to never reach in their pockets. And for God’s sake, don’t run up to them, even in an emergency. Some officers will…

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(Episode 1) Witch Town

In Silver lake, a town in the South of California, mystic beings prevailed, but the witches owned the town. The town was a rich suburb characterized by town houses, cottages and Victorian styled houses. Everyone knew everyone in this town; they were all descendants of old families, new families left after a few months, they …

(Final Chapter 9) See The Future Through My Eyes.

In a small hut, a tall, dark skinned man stood by the bed, on which laid a figure wrapped in swaddling cloths. The man had on a loin cloth, which had been white, but was now brown, wrapped around his waist, and secured, under his privies. His upper region was bare and flaunted a broad, …